Friday, February 21, 2014

Education Assistance

Hello! My name is Lucy I was born and raised in San Francisco I been unemployed over 3 years since August 2008, at the same time I just enrolled in to college as full time student. I'm currently sophomore at AMU (American Military University), major in Bachelor of Art Degree in Criminal Justice Program. I'm trying to raise funds to pay for my tuition and also help to pay off partly of student loans while I'm still in School. My dream goal is to complete my Bachelor of Art in Criminal Justice degree program, so I can move on to Master of Art or Science in Criminal Justice and other degree program. Unfortunately my Federal Student Financial Aid is running out and might not had enough to cover my classes and textbook expenses. I’d love to have your support to help me reach my education and dream goal, also help me lift the weight out my shoulder and less worry about how to come up with funds to cover my classes or textbook expenses. Every $10 helps and it easy to donate.
Here is Link Below:

Thank you so much for your support!

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