Saturday, July 6, 2013

How to Make Soy Candle Jars

Hi Everyone,

I have other craft project share with you today how to make soy candle jars, this is my first time making it myself.

Please Click on the Video Below: 

Please just beware in my video I keep saying 18oz jar instead 8oz jar lol.

"Color: Ivory & Scent: Pina Colada"

"Color: Orchid & Scent: Hawaiian Breeze"

The List of Things You Need to Get Started:
1. What size of glass container you like to use.
2. Type of wax you like to use, I use Golden 464 soy wax, because ECO friendly and NO SOOT also highly recommend.
3. Any Scale will do.
4. Melting Pouring Pitcher.
5. Any thermometer will do.
6. Dye Chip, you can make the candle with no color.
7. 1 oz fragrance oil
8. You can use unwanted clean stir like wooden chopstick or spoon.
9. Wick Bar, some people like to use chopstick or cloth pin to hold the wick.
10. Wick Sticker or you can use heat glue to hold your wick in place, but I prefer wick sticker because easy to remove and re-use the glass container.

Here is the link where you can get your candles supply from: or

when you purchase one fragrance oil they send you other one as free sample fragrance oil or pick one your choice fragrance oil with your order.

How To Make Soy Candle Jar:
1. You can use hot plate stove or double boiler in middle fire.
2. Weight your wax in a bowl or melting pouring pitcher in 1 lbs.
3. Apply the wax from melting pouring pitcher to pot of boiling water and wait for the wax to melt, make sure to stir it time to time until the wax turn to form of liquid.
4. Use the thermometer to check the temperature for 185 F before add your dye chip and fragrance oil, people recommend 2 table Spoon fragrance oil per a pound of wax   and mixed in together, but I pour the whole 1 oz fragrance oil bottle in, so will give me better scent throw. Also depend on what wax you need, some wax can use lesser fragrance oil to better scent throw as well.
5. Let the wax temperature cool down between 135 F to 125 F before pour it in to your glass container.
6. Preheat your glass container with any heat gun and temperature need to meet around 120 or 125 F before you adding your wick in the glass container and position the wick bar to hold wick in place, so your wick don't move around before pouring.
7. Stir it again before slowly pour in to the glass container, so the fragrance oil won't be in the bottom of wax.
8. Let it sit overtime in a room temperature, cut the wick in 1/4" of inches after harden, make sure use heat gun to remove unwanted bubbles and the candle ready to burn after a week or 2 to settle.

If you see some frost inside of glass container that mean something wrong with temperature issue must need to do some adjustment with the temperature like cooling to fast or not in the right temperature. Pretty much you just need to play around with it to see the finish candle how it turn out.

Happy Candle Making !!!

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